Inspiration <3

Today, I want to share something about what keeps me going and what inspires me.
While I do enjoy working on my game, I really really need variation! No matter how much I love something, I get bored if I don’t get to mix it up a bit.

So, here are some of the things I do in between the late nights of coding.. ^^

  •  Playing games! Of course! I guess this one was obvious. ^_~ I’m a big fan of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online). Gaming is just more fun when you play together. And I’d say you form a special type of bond with someone when you know that you both depend on one other for each others’ survival (even if it’s just in a game). At the moment, I’m caught in Eve Online which is a sci-fi spaceships game where I mostly focus on PvP (Player versus Player) fighting and, while I sadly don’t have as much time for it during this spring, I also take great pleasure in running an academy corporation where I train up new pilots in the arts of PvP and survival.
    Other than Eve Online, I also like to jump into a quick match in lighter MMOs like Left4Dead 2 and most recently Dungeon Defenders. And while multiplayer games are great, sometimes you just need some time alone in one of your magical worlds. I’m currently playing Skyrim (classic medieval fantasy world with ALOT to see and do), where I’ll some day save the world, but at the moment I think joining the Thieves’ Guild should have priority.. ;)
  •  Dancing and workout. :) I absolutely love oriental dancing (aka belly dancing). It’s a great passion for me and it helps loosen up my shoulders after too many hours of coding. I’ve been stuck since I first tried it in 2006.
    Since about a year and a half (I think?) I’ve also discovered another workout form that I like more and more – pole fitness! Just as with oriental dancing, it has this addition of learning tricks which I love. It’s also helped me to finally get some muscles ;) and inspired me to build more strength in general.
  •  Traveling - I wish this was something I could do all the time, but I’ll need to get some revenue going first I guess. :P At least I have a laptop now, so in theory it should work!
    But even just a weekend away can really help me relax and find new energy. A couple of weeks ago, I went over to Holland to visit one of my many online gaming friends from around the world, and after coming back home I felt so much more energized and refreshed. There’s just something about being in a different place and atmosphere that kind of resets you.

Hmm, I could fill a very long list here as my friends well know. Whenever someone talks about something they like to do I tend to go “Oh! I’ve tried that too. It’s alot of fun!”. Having “nothing to do” just does not exist.. ^^

I think variation is good for the work you do as well. I’ve found ideas from places I wouldn’t have expected, and just broadening your perspective of the world around you can go such a long way.
But most important of all – we all need to have fun and enjoy life, and variation helps you see the little things that you love every time you go back to something.