Website launched!

Finally, the website is ready and launched! No more “coming soon”. ;) Check it out at!

The game is moving forward, under the working title of Hotel Blood & Breakfast. (Wouldn’t you wanna give it a visit? Of course you would! That’s what the main character thought too and came to regret..) I wouldn’t go as far as calling the player character a “hero” because you’ll mostly be running from your enemies rather than fighting. The closest you’ll come to fighting is in the final stage where you’ll get to defeat the big boss of this lovely venue. You won’t get to kill him though, cause honestly, I like the antagonist alot more than the protagonist.
Oh, and I’ve got to see some samples from my prospective graphics artist and I loved them! In fact, I loved the sketches so much that I’m willing to let go of more of the graphics making if he has the time and will to take on more! Really looking forward to getting my hands on something I can try in-game too.. ^^ I’ve been working on the basic engine, so I should be able to deliver a desktop version to him that he can play around with before too long. That’s one of the magic things with using libGDX for developing. You can switch between launching a desktop java application and an Android application with just the changing of a few lines of code. (Or more conveniently, link your main code to 2 different small launcher projects.)

Finally, I want to announce that my app What’s Up Wallpaper has had some improvement to its picture-finding methods and should now find more varied and more wallpaper-friendly pictures. :) Please send me feedback if you tried it!
I’ve also added support for Danish after getting my first Danish customer! \o/

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment. :)